The Center for European Renewal publishes a bi-annual newsletter, The European Conservative.  It is available in limited numbers as a hard copy and as a .pdf file.  If you are interested in subscribing to the electronic version, please contact us here.


The European Conservative, Issue 13, Winter-Spring 2016 (full issue)


The European Conservative, Issue 12, Summer-Fall 2015 (full issue)


- Guest Commentary: On True Civilization by Andreas Kinneging

- The Myopia of Cultural Relativism by Filip Mazurczak

- The Politics of Separatism by Alexander Biermann

- Free Expression in Poland by Matthew Tyrmand

- Magna Carta, Liberty & the Medieval Mind by André P. Debattista

- Marriage & the Family by Rabbi Lord Sacks

- On Dubrovnik by Robin Harris

- A New European Referendum - A review of Manifesto to the People of the Netherlands by Dixhoorn & Houwelingen by Tom Zwitser

- Briefly Noted - Other recently published books we should be reading by the Editors

- The End of Germany? - A review of Thilo Sarrazin's Germany Abolishes Itself by Thomas Spannring

- Borders & Political Order - A review of Thierry Baudet's The Significance of Borders by Philippe Marlou

- The Future of France? - A review of Michel Houllebecq's Soumission by pr. Edmund Waldstein

- A Critique of Modernity - A review of Augusto Del Noce's The Crisis of Modernity by Alvino-Mario Fantini

- A Literary Love - A review of Roger Scruton's Notes from Underground by Roman Joch

- The Necessity of the Good by Rémi Brague

- Augusto Del Noce, Eric Voegelin & Modernity by Bjorn Thomassen & Rosario Forlenza

- Casper von Schrenk-Notzing: Conservative Founding Father by Harald Bergbauer

- Defining Right & Left by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

- The Cultural Roots of Conservatism by Roger Kimball


The European Conservative, Issue 11, Winter 2015 (full issue)


- Editorial: Liberty in the West after Charlie Hebdo by Filip Mazurczak

- France: Symptoms of a Civil War? by Charles Adhémar

- The 2014 Swedish Elections by Karl-Gustel Wärnberg & Simon Westberg

- Something Rotten in Sweden by Matthew A. Rarey

- Anglo-Saxon Values & the West: An Interview with Daniel Hannan by The Editors

- Destination—Freedom: An Interview with Barbara Kolm by Federico N. Fernández

- On Philosophy, Music & Death: An Interview with Roger Scruton by Felipe Cherubin

- Poland—After the Fall: An Interview with Jan Rokita by Filip Mazurczak

- The Tory Tradition — A review of Robin Harris’s The Conservatives: A History by John O’Sullivan

- Briefly Noted — Recently published books we should be reading by the Editors

- Equality & Freedom of Speech by Carl Johan Ljungberg

- The Gender Revolution by Gabriele Kuby

- Eclipse of God, Eclipse of Man by Rémi Brague

- Arvo Pärt on Gregorian Chant by Peter Kwasniewski

- On Pens & Swords by G. K. Montrose

- War Notes, 23 December 1915 —A re-print from the modernist pamphlet, New Age by North Staffs / T.E. Hulme

- On the Feast Day of Blessed Karl of Austria by H.I.R.H Prince Bertrand of Orléans-Braganza

- Eugenio Corti, RIP by Umberto Klink

- Stratford Caldecott, RIP by David L. Schindler

- Notes from the 2014 Vanenburg Meeting in Poland by the Editors


The European Conservative, Issue 10, Summer 2014 (full issue)


- Sarajevo & a Century of Terror by Robin Harris

- Chronicles of a French Earthquake by Charles Adhémar

- Hungary’s Parliamentary Elections by Kálmán Pócza

- A New Faith in Spain? by Filip Mazurczak

- EU Parental Rights Under Attack by Roger Kiska

- What is Right? by Roger Scruton

- The Politics of Nostalgia by Edmund Waldstein

- Building a Centre-Right Coalition by Grover G. Norquist & Lorenzo Montanari

- What Europe Can Learn from America by Thomas Spannring

- Eugenio Corti, R.I.P. by Thomas Fleming


The European Conservative, Issue 9, Winter 2014 (full issue)


- Germany’s 2013 Federal Elections by Harald Bergbauer

- Preparing for a Renewal of France by Emmanuel Arthault

- Communism’s Remains by Marion Smith

- The Challenge of Religious Freedom by Martin Kugler

- Václav Havel’s Röpkean Turn by Carl Johan Ljungberg

- Tradition & History in Burke by André P. DeBattista

- What is Left? by Roger Scruton

- Reflections on Conservatism by Andreas Kinneging

- A Conservative Manifesto by Alexander Trachta

- Europe’s Judeo-Christian Roots by Filip Mazurczak

- Meaning & Boredom in Heidegger & Macbeth by Pedro Blas González

- The Importance of Terminology by Brian Gill

- Kenneth Minogue, R.I.P. by David Martin Jones

- Leonardo Polo, R.I.P. by Fernando Múgica

- Not for Turning — Personal reflections on Lady Thatcher by Robin Harris

- A Report from the 2013 Vanenburg Society Meeting


The European Conservative, Issue 8, Summer 2013 (full issue)


- From Equality to Privilege by Gudrun Kugler

- Sweden’s Multicultural Failure by Tino Sanandaji
- Property Rights — and Wrongs by Karl-Peter Schwarz
- The Sources of Extremism by João Carlos Espada
- Promoting Liberal Learning by Emma Cohen de Lara
- Conservatism & the Liberal Mind by Nils August Andresen
- Europe’s Euthanasia Expansion by Wesley J. Smith 
- Are Human Rights Helpful? by Christiaan Alting von Geusau 
- Reflections on Multiculturalism by Frits Bolkestein 
- Dietrich von Hildebrand & Europe by Denis Kitzinger 
- Local Autonomy, States & the EU by Robert Nef

- Lady Thatcher, R.I.P. by André P. DeBattista

- The Fate of the Book by Anthony Daniels

- A Czech View of Conservatism by Roman Joch


The European Conservative, Issue 7, Winter 2013 (full issue)

- Defeat of the French Right by Charles Adhémar

- Italy’s Tea Party by Saba Zecchi
- Against Barroso’s Federalism by Sara Skyttedal
- Europe’s Missing Constitution by Jerome di Costanzo
- Economics of Liberty by Robin Harris
- Conservatives are not Liberals by Elio A. Gallego
- More Populism—Please! by Melvin Schut
- A View from Down Under by Alexander Burton
- Cultural Renewal in Croatia by Stephen Bartulica
- 6th World Congress of Families by Ignacio Arsuaga

- Islam & the West Interview with Robert R. Reilly

- The 2012 Vanenburg Meeting

The European Conservative, Issue 6, Spring 2012 (full issue)

- The Political Impact of Utøya by Dag Elström

- Hungary’s Easter Constitution by Attila K. Molnar
- The EU & Stem Cells by Sophia Kuby
- A Father in the Home: Reflections on ’68 by Chantal Delsol
- Western Suttee: Against a 'Right' to be Killed by Diederik Boomsma & Jonathan Price
- Eric Voegelin & the Divine in World History by Harald Bergbauer
- The Seductiveness of Ideology in Politics by Frits Bolkestein
- Europe’s Populist Problem by Andreas Kinneging
- Has Europe Lost its Soul to the Markets by Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks
- Our Western Heritage: An Interview with Robert P. George
- Otto the Great (1912-2011) by Stephan Baier
- The 2011 Vanenburg Meeting

The European Conservative, Issue 5, November 2010 (full issue)

- Communism and Liberal Democracy: An East European Perspective

- Conservatism and Liberalism
- A Report from the 5th Annual Vanenbrug Society Meeting

The European Conservative, Issue 4, June 2010 (full issue)

- "Yellow Ants", Fundamentalists and Cowboys. Interview with Remi Brague

- Institut de Formation Politique
- Intellectual Conservatism in Sweden

The European Conservative, Issue 3, December 2009 (full issue)

- Conservative Breakthrough in the European Parliament

- Civic Institue in Czech Republic

- A Report from the 4th Vanenburg Society Meeting

The European Conservative, Issue 2, May 2009 (full issue)

- Crises, Crises, Everywhere, no time to stop and drink!

- Conservatism in Hungary
- Edmund Burke Stichting:  Nine years of progress in the fight against 'progress'

The European Conservative, Issue 1, June 2008 (full issue)

- A Future for Conservatism in Europe

- Konservativt Forum in Sweden
- A Revival of Conservative Ideas in Europe? (book review)
- A Report from the 3rd Vanenburg Society Meeting


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