The Center for European Renewal advances its goals through three kinds of programs:

Institution Building

European conservatives need to organise themselves.  There are too few local and national think-tanks, educational institutions, and other organisations.  The Center for European Renewal helps, supports, and sustains local and national organisations with the goal of renewing the Western ideal of a civilised, humane, and free society.


There are many European conservatives who are concerned about the future of our continent and its culture.  Many of them work tirelessly in their chosen fields to strengthen European civilisation.  But European conservatives do not know one another well because they have always focused on their local traditions and national cultures. European conservatives should recognise that they are part of a common civilisation and that it is important for European conservatives to meet. Thus, building and strengthening a network of like-minded Europeans is among our key priorities.  To that end, we organise annual meetings (the so-called "Vanenburg" meetings) at which European conservatives meet to get to know each other, exchange opinions, and discuss the issues of the day.

Student Programs

European education is in crisis.  Our common Western heritage is insufficiently taught.  Intellectually vacuous philosophies dominate our schools and universities.  It is critical that the upcoming generation of European leaders be introduced to the sound principles of the Western tradition on which the survival and flourishing of our civilisation depends.  The Center for European Renewal provides promising students with a knowledge of the Western tradition.  We thus organise summer schools, organise seminars and lectures, and publish books -- all devoted to the dispassionate pursuit of the truth about the human condition.

Also make sure to read our declaration of Principles.

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