In July 2006, a group of thirty philosophers, journalists, and academics from across Europe met at the Vanenburg Castle in the Dutch village of Putten.  The meeting took place at the initiative of the Edmund Burke Stichting, a Dutch organization, in cooperation with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, with the aim of bringing together European conservatives who were concerned about the future of European culture and civilisation.

The following year, in November 2007, the Center for European Renewal (CER) was founded by Europeans dedicated to working for a renewal of the European ideals of a civilised, humane, and free society.

Since then, a growing number of conservatives have met annually to continue the discussions begun in 2006.  This yearly gathering has become known as the Vanenburg Meeting.  The Center for European Renewal is the sponsor of this meeting, as well as the organizer of other related events that have since followed.

You can read reports of the Vanenburg Meetings at the links below:

- 1st Meeting, , The Netherlands (2006)
“Towards the Restoration of the Western Tradition in Europe:  Possibilities and Strategies”

- 2nd Meeting, Austria (2007)
"Prospects for European Conservatism"

- 3rd Meeting, Spain (2008)
“Forty Years of the Spirit of '68:  Is Europe in Crisis?”

- 4th Meeting, Hungary (2009)
“What’s Left of Our Culture?  Surveying the Ruins and Preparing for Renewal”

- 5th Meeting & 1st Summer School, Poland (2010)
“Conservative Perspectives on European Liberalism, Old and New”

- 6th Meeting, Belgium (2011)
"Democracy, Secularism, and the Conservative Argument"

- 7th Meeting, United Kingdom (2012).
"Will Europe Survive?  The New European Conservatives Confront a Continent in Crisis"

- 8th Meeting, Czech Republic (2013)
"Literature & the Conservative Cause"

- 9th Meeting, Poland (2014)
"Equality: Theories & Realities"

- 10th Meeting, Croatia (2015)
"Civilisation & Barbarism"

The next Vanenburg Meeting will be held in 2016.  For more information, please contact us.
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